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The Golden Hour


It's FINALLY over! OMG - I did it!!!! WOW- my baby! Is it a BOY or a GIRL?! OMG,OMG!

Once your sweet baby has arrived there are a MILLION feelings immediately - and then awareness that something else is to come next slowly settles in. Life continues, and what do we do next????

We call the immediate period of time after birth "The Golden Hour". During this time, you are meeting your baby, they are beginning to learn how to be part of the world, and in addition, sometimes there are medical aspects to address too. Let things unfold in priority and then as you settle in, consider these 5 aspects to honor your experience.

  1. Take a moment for yourselves. The days, and hours leading up to your birth create a very climactic moment that you have eagerly been waiting for. Grab a breath, feel the world around you and hold your baby. Marvel in all of their little parts, and touch them as you gaze into their eyes. Skin to skin is super helpful for all parties involved - just focus on keeping baby close and warm.

  2. Know that SOMETIMES a baby isn't looking to breastfeed as quickly as we want or expect them to latch. Remember - the umbilical cord that they were attached to was feeding them continuously, and they aren't hungry. Sometimes a baby is born quickly and the amniotic fluid needs to clear out before baby is looking to eat. Watch your baby for their own cues to breastfeed. Follow their lead and enjoy them.

  3. Wait until you are fully settled in before notifying family. Undoubtedly, family and friends will ask the leading questions like the baby's weight, and length, and sex, and how you feel, and lots of questions. This is the only time you have the uninterrupted golden hour and family will be just as excited if you wait an hour to tell them the details. Maybe even set up a family/friends text thread so that everyone gets the information at one time. Set this thread up before you have the baby and start the thread with explaining how you will let them know that baby is here and establishing boundaries.

  4. Eat a LOVELY meal. Sometimes that involves a 3am trip to the diner. Many moms feel completely hungry after working super hard to bring baby earth side. Have a meal, or a family/friend bring something to you for her to enjoy. While mom is eating, birth partner should enjoy a bit of skin to skin time.

  5. Reserve judgement of your experience for a later time. You DID it!!! Your baby is here and safe. Everyone is happy and proud of you - no matter the journey you made to have your baby.

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