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Top 5 Tips For an Easier Birth

  1. Hire a Doula: statistics show that having a Doula decreases labor duration, decreases the use of pain medications, and makes you less likely to have a cesarean.

  2. Write a birth plan: evaluating choices and preferences for your birth ahead of time allows you to be more informed and confident. Together we can create a birth plan that covers the most common interventions and practices.

  3. Visit a chiropractor: having regular body work done throughout pregnancy can ease common discomforts. It also encourages a balanced pelvis and optimal positioning of your baby.

  4. Do prenatal yoga: yoga is wonderful for both the body and mind. Daily yoga can increase comfort in pregnancy. It also encourages optimal positioning of your baby.

  5. Eating dates: studies have found that consuming dates starting around 36 weeks pregnant helps soften the cervix.

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