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Why It's Essential for Your Hudson Valley Doula to Collaborate

Today I spent a couple of hours with another doula from the Hudson Valley. We shared our own experiences at recent births, spent some time reviewing our calendars and client roster, and discussed changes happening our rapidly evolving businesses (rapidly evolving in a fabulous way).

Doulas meeting up in the Hudson Valley.  Doula Amanda Winters & Danielle Bianco.  Pregnancy, Post partum, birth, natural birth.
Doulas Hudson Valley Vanity Plates

Pulling into a coffee shop midway between us, I saw an endearing trait that we share #vanityplates. I love that we are proud of what we do. We facilitate the change the lives of families forever as they welcome babies into their lives. It's a humbling experience to be at a birth and know that our small part contributes to positive changes in women's healthcare. It's lovely to spend time with another birth professional who "gets it". The good, the bad, and the evolution we experience as we grow professionally along side each other. I love learning new things from Danielle - and sharing the information I've gathered over the years with her as well. Our discussion lead to positive changes in our businesses, our own family dynamics and pushes us to make decisions more easily after running them by one another.

After sitting together for a while and discussing upcoming changes, I realized that this journey is better when I have time to collaborate with another doula. I get to explore more ideas with deeper insight, my knowledge base is broadened, and we get to make sure that our business practices are complimentary. I'm loving the freedoms that working as a solo doula provide, but find that having another solo practice doula in the mix, provides me with balance, and someone who can back me up in the event that my clients have an extended birth, or two at the same time. We're both here for each other for whatever we can do to help and that feels great.

Doulas Hudson Valley #AmandaLeeWintersDoula. #BelovedBirth
Amanda Winters & Danielle Bianco. #Doula #Hudson Valley #Childbirth Educators #Lactation Support

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