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​Chelsea Munkelt, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)


        I'm a Registered Nurse, Doula, Hypnobabies certified, and Student Midwife with five years of experience in the birth setting.  I live in Pine Bush, NY with my husband and two children. My son, Levi, was born in January 2020 at a local area hospital. My daughter, Josie, was born in February 2023 at home. I was inspired by my recent home birth to shift my professional focus to provide more personalized one on one care to my clients. Being a doula allows me to support other families during one of the most important and joyous times in their lives.      

        As a certified Hypno-Doula, my focus is on reframing the narrative surrounding birth. I strive to help my clients confidently navigate their pregnancy and enjoy birth. My use of aromatherapy, physical touch, and purposeful positioning enhances your comfort throughout pregnancy and during birth. Whether you're planning a natural, unmedicated birth or desire pain relief such as an epidural, I tailor my care to meet your unique, personal needs. With the right guidance and support, birth can be the most empowering experience in a person's life.

         The knowledge I've gained working in the hospital setting combined with my own birth experiences gives me a unique perspective to help serve families throughout the Hudson Valley. Sharing this knowledge with my clients helps them to make informed and educated decisions from conception to birth and beyond. Rather than replacing the role of a birth partner, I help them to feel more empowered and involved in the birthing process. Together we'll work as a team to achieve the birth of your dreams. 

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