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When do you begin providing doula services?

From the moment you sign on for services, you are getting my support.  You may text/call/email any questions you have.  I can provide insight on ways to make tests go more smoothly, how to alleviate common pregnancy discomforts, and when you may need to contact your provider. 

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

My role as your doula is not to replace your partner but instead to enhance their ability to support you. I provide your partner guidance and support. This allows them to feel more confident and involved in your birth. 

My approach to working with medical staff is a collaborative one. To provide you with the best care we all need to work as a team. Since I am well-versed in the medical aspects of pregnancy and birth I can help you make informed decisions regarding your care.  

Although I am an experienced Registered Nurse, my role as your doula is not a clinical one. Choosing to be supported by a doula during your pregnancy and birth is not intended to replace routine medical care. However, with my knowledge of routine testing and procedure, I can provide insight with regard to any concerns or questions about your care. 


What are your interactions with medical staff like?

Do you perform any physical examinations?

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