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Affiliate Partners

Providing doula support to Hudson Valley families has allowed me to form a network of providers to refer you to for a variety of pregnancy, birth and post partum needs.  These partners are trusted allies and experts in their areas.  They look forward to serving you as much as I do.

ffers comprehensive prenatal care, including all visits and laboratory tests, routine screening and counseling. We provide continuity of care during labor and birth and have relationships with family and obstetrical physicians should the need for medical consultation, collaboration or referral arise. After birth, we continue to provide care, with a minimum of three visits in your home the first week and two subsequent office visits.

Danielle Bianco, is a local doula that I have come to have a trusting relationship with.  We work together in order to assure our clients have an experienced and competent doula present at all times. Her storefront is located in New Windsor, NY. There you can find a variety of items for your little ones. Additionally, she offers classes and groups for local families. 

Beacon Community Midwifery offers full spectrum, respectful and evidenced based care in the Hudson Valley. Midwife and founder, Nicole Primoff, LM provides wrap around care to her clients through prenatal care, labor support and homebirth, postpartum care, lactation and home-based well care— striving to support clients and their families throughout the lifespan. Nicole seeks to build community through her care and practice while supporting families through all manners of transformation.

Affiliate Partners: Services
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