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Doula Services

Providing Whole Family Birth Support

My comprehensive variety of packages are sure to fit a multitude of needs for Hudson Valley Families.  Look below and schedule an initial consult free of charge.

Doula Services
What Happens When I work with Chelsea as my Doula?
  • Checking in and insight after each prenatal visit with your chosen provider

  • Updates to Chelsea each time your body experiences anything "bigger, newer, different"

  • Support to you and your partner as you navigate birth choices prenatally

  • Insight on how to handle common pregnancy discomforts 

  • Opportunity to ask any questions that you may have

  • Virtual support in the very beginning of birth and in-person support as active birth begins - we stay in close contact through each step so that you feel confident and knowledgeable as birth unfolds, when I join you it may be at home or at the hospital depending on your individual needs

  • Support for your birth partner to be able to actively participate in the birth experience 

  • The option for continued support in the postpartum period 

Hudson Valley Doula Services: Bookings
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