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How Maternity and Baby Boutiques are Saving Women and Families

As a doula, I have worked in the Hudson Valley for more than a decade and observed the needs that new families have. I have noticed that one of the most common complaints that a new parent in the first trimester has is a sense of isolation and a lack of community to support their journey in learning how their new role evolves them as a mother or father. The fix is simple - and not considered oftentimes. Enter the Maternity & Baby Boutiques.

These gorgeous little shops have a relentless desire to serve their community and house more than little burp cloths, and baby hats. These shops have become havens to countless women who feel like they have a refuge from the day-to-day constant of mothering. They come to these places to seek companionship or advice or just be in a safe place they can unwind outside the home where it feels safe to breastfeed their new nursling who doesn't realize our societal pressures of covering or not covering up while they seek comfort and nourishment from the breast.

While these shops offer some baby needs, they often offer classes and playgroups or support groups that satisfy each stage that families must master to get their children through early childhood. When a family chooses to join these groups they are supporting not only a family business but a community of support that in turn gives mothers and fathers the strength to parent for another day. Purchasing the products in these shops may have a price tag that is a bit higher than in big box stores, but the value exceeds the product in and of itself. The value is in the community, support, and safety that gives families the energy to grow in safety and love.

As an Orange County, NY resident we have a new maternity boutique. I welcome Beloved Birth and Baby Boutiques by a beloved friend, colleague, and expert on her own Danielle Bianco. Danielle brings a refreshing haven for Orange County Families that has been long desired. I had a chance to go to her store a few times but finally have taken the time to share. Please welcome her to our community, join some classes and maybe even find a gorgeous addition to all the baby needs in your house.

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